The Background to Mark59 ( Version 3 )

Mark59 started from some ideas conceived over 5 years ago, and has since developed to our latest Version 3 release. It was developed by a team of working Performance and Volume testers at the Australian Insurance Company IAG in Melbourne. Our team, more out of necessity to maintain multiple and varied applications, over time changed practices from a traditional way of testing to something very similar to what is now called Dev Ops, and created a set of tools on the way that has become Mark59.

A core team has worked on the project for most of its life, but many, many ideas came from the excellent Performance Testers that have been part of the team over the years. Not to mention (the sometimes rather blunt but valuable) feedback we have received from our client projects and others. We hope we haven't missed too many from the acknowledgements, but great ideas and suggestions have come to us from many, so we fear we have.

The Version 3 Release is the first release where we feel the product and documentation has matured enough for it to be considered a true fully-fledged open-source solution, and we thank you if you decide to give it try.

Contact Us

From Mark59 Version 3 release, we will monitor stackoverflow for issues - tag with 'Mark59'. You can contact us to give suggestions or feedback at mark59helpdesk@gmail.com. We are a small working team, but we will do our best to respond.

The People

The Core Team:

  • Philip Webb

  • Dhivya Raghavan

  • Greg Johnstone

Major Contributors:

  • Michael Cohen

  • Sanman Basavegowda

  • John Gallagher

  • David Nguyen

  • Edmond Lew

Grateful Acknowledgements:

  • Stephen Townshend

  • Pankaj Harde

  • Mallamma Ganigi

  • Gaurav Shukla

  • Nikolai Chetverikov

Our Banner and the name 'Mark59'

The banner is part of a medieval illumination of the Gerasene demoniac exorcism, courtesy wickipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism_of_the_Gerasene_demoniac

The biblical story of the ‘Exorcism of the Gerasene demonic’ appears in the New Testament in all of the synoptic gospels (Mathew, Mark and Luke), but the most well known account is from Mark’s gospel. At a critical point in the story Jesus challenges the demon in a possessed man to name itself, and discovers he is not facing one demon but many when the famous reply comes “My name is Legion, for we are many” (Mark 5:9).

We couldn’t help relating our (admittedly trivial) struggles with turning a single Selenium script into many with this wonderful story, and so ‘Mark59.com’.