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By: Admin, Date: 28 Aug 2020

Mark59 v3.0 Release and User Guide

The v3.0 release is a major release of Mark59, it includes the summary below:

  • New project: mark59-server-metrics-web. Significant upgrade of server metric capture in mark59.

  • Project rename: dataHunterPVTest to dataHunterPerformanceTestSamples

  • Rename MySQL database pvmetrics to metricsdb (naming consistency across projects)

  • All project can use the h2, MySQL and Postgres database (enable quick start-up for demo and learning)

  • Align bat files to new download structure (a single zip file with all projects)

  • Using OpenCSV for csv reads/writes (some edge case issues found using exists methods)

  • To JMeter_Java 5.3 , multiple dependency jar updates (confirmed working to chromedrver 85)

  • Display mark59 build info on JMeter Java Request panels

  • Multiple small changes and code clean-up

Download the release via our "Downloads" page

Documentation for the release can be found on the "Documentation" page.