Select the appropriate zip version to download the executable jar files and samples (via Google Drive). Linux and Windows compatible.

As of Mark59 v3+ all projects are contained in a single zip file.

If you are looking for the source code, see:

Current Release: (189 MB)

Release Summary:

Version 3.0.1

Significant changes for this release

  • Sample projects updated, docker-compose files added to allow for the Jenkins Docker Sample

  • Default port for metrics (Trend Analysis) changed from 8080 to 8083

Documentation for the release can be found on the "Documentation" page.

Previous Release: (189 MB)

Release Summary:

Version 3.0.0

This was a major release

  • New project: mark59-server-metrics-web. Significant upgrade of server metric capture in mark59.

  • Core and Selenium Implementation updated in Maven Central to version 3.0

  • Rename MySQL database pvmetrics to metricsdb (naming consistency across projects)

  • All project can use the h2, MySQL and Postgres database (enable quick start-up for demo and learning)

  • Align bat files to new download structure (a single zip file with all projects)

  • Using OpenCSV for csv reads/writes (some edge case issues found using exists methods)

  • To JMeter_Java 5.3 , multiple dependency jar updates (confirmed working to chromedrver 85)

  • Display mark59 build info on JMeter Java Request panels

  • Multiple small changes and code clean-up