Overview - Mark59 Performance & Volume Testing Framework

Mark59 is an open-source Java-based framework with the goal of assisting the performance testing of applications in a way that is achievable without necessarily needing to have specialist performance test skills. Mark59 is targeted towards functional automation testing skills such as Selenium. A working knowledge of JMeter is assumed - which is a handy tool for any tester to know anyway.

It is intended to work in an environment where performance tests are maintainable and repeatable, perhaps being triggered from a Continuous Integration server such as Jenkins. As such, it is perfectly targeted for a project team working using practices that in recent years have become known as DevOps. It is built to run on Windows or Linux-based operating systems.

Mark59 consists of three relatively easy-to-use web-based applications, a few integration utilities and artefacts, and some sample projects to get started.

  • DataHunter. A simple Java web application useful for test data retention between and during a Performance and Volume (P&V) test.

  • Trend Analysis. A web application that caters for visualisation of performance test results data over multiple test executions. It allows for comparisons between historical runs, and highlights trends and anomalies in a graphic manner.

  • Server Metrics Web. Provides an agentless DIY way of capturing whatever server metrics you may need from Linux/Unix or Windows servers. It works by running commands, that you are free to construct, on the server under test, and parsing command results to get a metric.

  • Runcheck. Utility to loads performance test results runs into the Trend Analysis database. As it does so, it also checks the run to see if any user-configured SLA’s have been breached. JMeter or LoadRunner test results can be loaded.

  • Mark59 Selenium Implementation. Provides integration between Selenium scripting and JMeter.

  • Mark59 Server Metrics. Provides integration between the Mark59 Server Metrics Web Application (or the Spreadsheet that can be downloaded from it), and JMeter.

  • Enhanced JMeter Reporting. A simple standalone utility that allows JMeter results data to be split over multiple reports by data type (e.g. Transactions, CPU Utilisation).

See the Mark59 Documentation for more details.

Mark59 Version 3 is a major upgrade : we suggest you download the pre-release, if you are not already using Mark59. The code should be close to final release. Documentation is still a work in progress a Version 3.0 Mark59 Pre Release Quick Start Guide has been prepared, while we re-work a new guide.

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